Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Onerahi Primary School Beacon Crew

I am part of the Onerahi Beacon Crew and I have got three articles published. If you would like to read what I have done, just click on one of the titles and it will take you to a story.

The Celebration of Matariki

Road Patrol

Olympic Week

Chinese language learning

This term a Chinese language teacher has come all the way from China to help the school learn Chinese. Her name is Ada. She is really helpful and she has taught us lots of greetings like...

Ni hao is hello
Xie xie is thank you
Ni hao ma is how are you
Wo hen hao is I am good
Wo hen gaoxing is I am happy

She has also taught us how to count to 20 and over. Heres how to count to 20.

1 - yi             6 - liu           11 - shiyi             16 - shiliu
2 - er             7 - qi            12 - shier             17 - shiqi
3 - san           8 - ba           13 -  shisan          18 - shiba
4 - si              9 - jiu          14 - shisi              19 - shijiu
5 - wu            10 - shi       15- shiwu             20 - ershi

I also learnt way more!
I really love learning Chinese with my friends the teacher and Ada!

Leading Matariki Assembly

Two weeks ago I hosted the school assembly with some friends. It was all about Matariki witch is a maori celebration, you may know it as the Seven Stars or the Seven Sisters. We also talked about the great learning and achievements in the school. We sang the National anthem and said the karakia. It took a lot of courage to stand in front of the school and talk but its a great way to improve my confidence. I love doing assembly and I think I did a great job.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Welcome to my blog. I will be posting learning that I have done. I would love you to comment on my posts.